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Avoid Sticky Situations – Halloween


Halloween is such a fun holiday to celebrate! From the creativity displayed through costumes and elaborately carved pumpkins to noshing on yummy treats like caramel apples and candy corn, there’s plenty to enjoy – even if you’re beyond the age of going door to door. In the event your plans are to participate in trick-or-treating either as a chaperone or homeowner, do observe these pieces of protocol:

Open for Business. Be certain that your home is brightly lit if you are welcoming Trick-or-Treaters. Take time prior to Halloween to clear your walkway and replace light bulbs, as necessary. However, the tried and true still holds: no light means no candy. If you’ve run out of candy or it is past 9pm (the typical time to cease trick-or-treating), feel free to turn off your light to discourage visitors still in search of sweets.

Control the Bowl. Though most children will be aware that they should only take one piece of candy per home (unless offered more), there are some that might grab a handful, should you present your bowl of goodies as a free for all. Manage expectations by selecting a few pieces for each child and place them into their bags yourself or simply advise your Trick-or-Treaters on how many pieces they’re allowed to take from the bowl.

No Scary Manners. Parents: Do encourage your children to use their manners, unless they’re too young, by saying an audible “Trick-or-Treat”,  “Thank You” and cheerful “Happy Halloween” as proper payment for receiving free candy. This is also a perfect time for them to practice making eye contact with adults. Be certain that they remain on sidewalks and pathways when walking from door to door – no shortcuts across lawns.

As always, the rule of thumb is to be thoughtful. Have a safe and Happy Halloween full of charm and lots of candy!






Welcome! Please do make yourself at home. I hope you’ll stay awhile, as this is my very first blog post, and I’d love to embark upon this journey with you as my company. The mission: to make approachable the sometimes-uneasy subject of etiquette.

Please and thank you are still the magic words. Chivalry is not dead. Manners do matter. In today’s fast-paced society, it’s unrealistic to read 700+ pages of Emily Post’s Etiquette when deciding what’s proper behavior in any given situation. Consider this blog your Cliff’s Notes to day-to-day manners. You’ll find not only which fork to use, or what to do if said fork should fall onto the floor, but where to stand when waiting to enter the elevator and who has the right to use the armrest when seated in the middle seat on an airplane.

I look forward to sharing tidbits of everyday etiquette with you and welcome any and all of your questions about the social graces. Chances are, if you’re wondering about something, someone else is, too – which makes for a great discussion topic. I’ll also keep you in the loop about upcoming events that I’m hosting in Atlanta, and of any charming local businesses that I’ve discovered while in town and when traveling.

Please subscribe, and join me on what’s sure to be an awfully fun and enlightening adventure. About that fallen fork: if at a restaurant, do leave the fork on the floor. Simply let your server know it’s fallen – they’ll retrieve it and bring a replacement. When dining in someone’s home, pick the fork up discreetly and ask your host for another. Thank you so much for stopping by!