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Let’s Get Down to Business: HANDSHAKE ETIQUETTE


It’s National Business Etiquette Week, and I’m celebrating by sharing quick tips for ensuring you’re viewed as a polished professional. Please follow along and share these posts that will appear throughout the week.

In America, the handshake is the typical business greeting. A lot can be perceived from a person’s handshake, so please review the primer on grip and then consider these additional ingredients:

Eye contact – Making eye contact is Etiquette 101, and the proper way to greet anyone. Evading eye contact often leads to distrust by the person you’re greeting. Looking someone in the eye is a display of confidence and that the person you’re greeting has your attentions.

Stand up – If you’re seated when someone greets you, regardless of gender, stand up. It is a basic sign of respect and places you on the same level. You establish your presence when you stand.

Stay dry – No one wants to touch a sweaty palm. Ensure your right hand is dry by lightly brushing it against the side of your pant leg or skirt when raising it. Your garment will absorb the excess moisture and allow for a dry, confident handshake.