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CNN - ErikaShyannInterview

 Just in time for Thanksgiving, I was invited by CNN’s HLN Weekend Express to share holiday etiquette tips. Host Shyann Malone posed a variety of questions that ranged from the appropriate time to decorate for Christmas to what to bring when being hosted in someone’s home. It was a great way to kick off the holiday season!

The day started with 8:30am security check-in. From there, my youngest daughter and I were escorted up the escalator to a second security station which allowed us access to the elevators. Made a quick trip to CNN’s Hair and Makeup (the team is terrific) and was whisked away to the studio to have my microphone put into place. You’ll find the full interview here. Sharing a few behind the scenes snapshots from our morning at CNN!


Erika being interviewed by host Shyann Malone

CNN - Tour

CNN Tour guests watched the interview from outside of the studio

CNN - CameraView

Camera view of the interview area

CNN - HairMakeup

A portion of CNN’s Hair and Makeup team