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OH, LIFE BEGINS AT 40! | Atlanta Event Photographer | JCT Kitchen

 Photos: Krisandra Evans Photography

It wasn’t until my second Wall Street internship that I started paying attention to the number 22. For two summers in New York, I’d worked on the 22nd floor. And my first job afterwards was on the 22nd, as well. When Spelman College numbered its buildings, I suppose for the sake of mapping, my freshman dorm was designated building 22. Our wedding anniversary is on the 22nd and our first child was born on my mother in law’s birthday: the 22nd.

I could give you countless 22s throughout my life, but the most recent is that 22 years ago, Oprah turned 40. Since watching her celebrate that birthday on TV, I’ve looked forward to this milestone birthday. The show had plenty of celebrities on hand to share their wisdom, but it was the wisdom and sense of self that Oprah had that made me feel that by the time I reached 40, I’d have also gained the clarity and posture with which to live my best life. And that has come to pass! | Atlanta Event Photographer | JCT Kitchen

So, I sent out invitations to as many guests as I could afford to pay for, asking they join me for some bourbon, champagne and Southern small bites. (Tip: When hosting your own party, guests should leave their wallets behind — cover all costs.) Ever sentimental, I wanted to host the event at the location one of Charm’s first partnerships, JCT. Kitchen & Bar, and put together a floral arrangement in my grandmother’s punch bowl so that she could be there, as well. It was the perfect evening to begin my best years! | Atlanta Event Photographer | JCT Kitchen


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