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Let’s Get Down to Business: EMAIL ETIQUETTE

It’s National Business Etiquette Week, and I’m celebrating by sharing quick tips for ensuring you’re viewed as a polished professional. Please follow along and share these posts that will appear throughout the week!

On email:

There are a few email mistakes that will leave recipients less than impressed before reading the body of your message. Follow this advice, when addressing emails, for a more thoughtful and efficient approach:

Cc/Bcc - People rarely want their email address shared with the public, as it often leads to spam. Avoid using the Cc: (carbon copy) field when sending emails to recipients who don’t know each other. Instead, use your email address in the To: field, and all others within Bcc: (blind carbon copy). The recipient will see your email address only.

Reply All – When responding to an email with multiple email addresses displayed, you have the option to Reply or Reply All. Unless your response is relevant to the entire group, only respond to the sender using Reply. 15 responses of “I’ll be there,” can quickly crowd an inbox and wastes time.

Subject – Always include a subject line for your email so that it’s not deleted, lost or unopened. The subject should be specific and straightforward, as the recipient will use it to prioritize opening. Excessive exclamation points or using ALL CAPS are digital equivalents of yelling. Italicize or use dashes instead.


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