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Let’s Get Down to Business: DINING ETIQUETTE


It’s National Business Etiquette Week, and I’m celebrating by sharing quick tips for ensuring you’re viewed as a polished professional. Please follow along and share these posts that will appear throughout the week!

On dining:

There’s no shortage of rules when it comes to dining etiquette, but I’d like to share five that you should keep in mind before your next business lunch or dinner:

Musical Chairs: Your guest or person considered of higher rank should be offered the most desirable seat at the table. This might one facing outward with a view of the restaurant, or the cushy booth as opposed to a hard chair.

Little Black Dress: When wearing dark clothing, request a black napkin from your server. A white one will leave you in search of a lint roller after the meal!

BMW: Which bread plate is yours? Remember the brand: B (bread), M (meal), W (water). Your place setting is set in the same order, with bread & butter plate on the left, meal in the middle, and water glass on the right.

The Perfect Pair: Should someone ask for the pepper to be passed, please pass the salt, as well. The two are always passed together, however, don’t season your food before tasting it.

Check, please: The person who extends the invitation is the host and should pay for it. Avoid any awkward moments at the end of the meal by providing your form of payment to the maitre d’ or server in advance, or letting them know that the bill should be presented to you. Never fight over a bill if someone offers to pay. You can counter once, but then thank them graciously.