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Little Things Matter – HOLDING STEMWARE


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It’s National Etiquette Week! The goal is to raise social awareness in all areas of American life, and I’ll be sharing quick tips that align with this year’s theme: “Little Things Matter.” I hope you’ll follow along and share these posts that you’ll find throughout the week here, and on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

On holding stemware:

The stem on glassware, while decorative, also has a greater purpose – it’s a handle, of sorts. Grasp the stem towards the bottom, between your thumb and forefinger. Your remaining fingers should rest along the base the glass. This will ensure no unsightly fingerprints on the glassware from errant grasping of the bowl, as well as maintaining the proper temperature of your wine or other beverage.

A more advanced grasp is to hold the base of the glass between your thumb and forefinger. Give it a try with your next glass of Rosé!