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Little Things Matter – NAME TAG PLACEMENT


It’s National Etiquette Week! The goal is to raise social awareness in all areas of American life, and I’ll be sharing quick tips that align with this year’s theme: “Little Things Matter.” I hope you’ll follow along and share these posts that you’ll find throughout the week here, and on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

On name tag placement:

If right-handed, it’s easier to place name tags on the left, but they belong on your right side! Find a spot for it high and flat on your right shoulder to offer others the best view of your face and name during networking and social events. This name tag placement is ideal for those you greet, as you’ll be extending your right hand for handshakes. Remember: high and right = line of sight.

Note: Companies often require employees to wear ID badges on the left, for instant identification and security purposes. The left side is also where lapel pins should be worn – over your heart.

Naag Tag saysMay 13, 2015

That makes sense. It is easier for right handed people to put them on the left.. but it will be more visible, specially shaking someones hand, on the right side.

Names are important. Make it stand out!

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