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That’s Italian! – Ippolito’s


It’s a bit ironic how I discovered the neighborhood eatery serving up the most amazing Italian comfort food. I was completely inverted on the reformer, when my Pilates instructor struck up a conversation about her addiction to Ippolito’s salad. Others chimed in about their favorites – from cocktails to pasta dishes, but when their rolls came up everyone gave an audible gasp, followed by a moment of what seemed to be meditation – closed eyes and all. Again, I was in the middle of my Pilates session, so, abs engaged, I decided to be “good” and forego stopping by. That day.

It seems that these rolls they spoke of were only a stone’s throw away from the studio. As a pure test of willpower, I was able to resist stopping in for the next three sessions. Well. It wasn’t really willpower as much as I’d booked a series of 8AM sessions prior to my knowledge of Ippolito’s existence and the restaurant wasn’t yet open. I was a bit more strategic about my next series of appointments, however, and scheduled one at 10AM, so that I could try these infamous rolls and salad after my workout. AND I walked to the restaurant instead of driving, so it cancels out, right? Right!

I really can’t put into words the Ippolito’s roll. You’ll have to just experience it for yourself. They serve them warm, glistening with butter – dusted with parmesan cheese and accompanied by a generous portion of piping hot tomato sauce for dipping. Honestly, though, I feel that Ippolito’s secret ingredient is love. From the time you enter the restaurant until your server returns with your check, you’ll feel it. Ippolito’s is just one of those gems with the right balance of great food, great people and a cozy atmosphere. That’s why they’ve been around since 1989, inducing moments of deep reflection – just at the thought of those rolls!

Ippolito’s (Six Locations – Click for details)

My Favorite | 2270 Holcomb Bridge Road | Roswell, Georgia 30076

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