Erika Preval - Simply Put

Happy 1st Birthday, Charm Etiquette!


It’s difficult to put into words the excitement of celebrating the 1st birthday of Charm Etiquette – my modern spin on manners! I poured my love of leadership, community, eating local and courtesies that count into this first business of mine. I’m overjoyed at how well received she’s been by the public, and overwhelmed by the support I’ve received from my community partnerships.

Entrepreneurship has been much like my first years as a mother – filled with second-guessing myself and sleepless nights. There, too, is that indescribable love of what I’ve created and great desire to protect it. Like parenthood, you come to realize there isn’t always a “right” answer and you must remain flexible. It didn’t work the way you’d planned? Great! You’ve failed successfully. Recalibrate. Move forward. Someone’s counting on you to make this work! Charm has been every bit my baby, and I’ve loved watching her grow.

Thank you for your part in Charm’s successful launch! It takes a village to raise a child  grow a business. I’m so grateful that you’re here!