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Pop Quiz – Name That Serving Piece

I’ve been searching for this particular piece of silver for quite some time. A longtime fan of Kudzu Antique Market in Decatur, I decided to take a field trip over to their newest location in Sandy Springs. It was there, within one of its locked cases, that I stumbled upon this treasure. Do you know what it is? I’ve left a clue for you!


The sterling silver Ice Cream Server/Slicer dates back to the 1800′s, where it was used to niftily slice through bricks of ice cream – such a beautiful serving piece and one of my personal favorites!

If you’ve not yet visited Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, do stop by! After picking up cupcakes for my college roommate’s baby shower in Easton, Ohio, last year, I inquired about the line at one of her local shops. The response? “Oh, that’s Jeni’s! There’s always a line. It’s just that good.” I’m so happy that Jeni’s has made its way to Atlanta. I’ve yet to find a flavor that doesn’t please my palate, though I’m partial to the Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Sweet Corn & Black Raspberry!

Jeni’s Westside Provisions | 1198 Howell Mill Road | Atlanta, GA 30318

Kudzu & Company | 6450 Roswell Road | Sandy Springs, GA 30328


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