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Pop Quiz – Name That Tableware

I recently traveled to Birmingham, Alabama, to cheer on my daughter’s club volleyball team. Before checking into our hotel, she and I decided to stop by a local antique shop – Urban Suburban. While exploring the store, I happened upon the treasure pictured below. Hint: If you’re having a sandwich with crusty bread, it would likely come in handy at your table…

Can you name this nifty tool from the past?



The Crumb Scraper was most often used before dessert was served, to clean crumbs and other food particles from the table. Found largely in the mid-late 1800′s, these tools were sometimes accompanied by small brooms that would also assist in the removal of debris. Crumb scrapers, though still in use, are much smaller in scale and less ornate than those pictured above.

If you’re near Birmingham, I highly recommend a visit to Urban Suburban. Recently voted Best Antique Store 2012 by readers of Birmingham Magazine, the shop has great pricing on many charming items from the past.

Urban Suburban | 5514 Crestwood Boulevard | Birmingham, AL 35212 | 205.592.0777