Erika Preval - Simply Put

The Protocol of Pollen


Spring is my favorite season and the celebrations of my wedding anniversary and the girls’ birthdays occur during the months of April and May. With gardening as one of my hobbies, the array of floral planting options are one of the things that excite me most about this time of year. The downside of that assortment of beautiful flowers, blooming trees, greening grasses, and the like, is the layer of pollen they bring to our outdoor surroundings. If you’re sensitive to the yellow stuff, follow this advice for remaining polished this allergy season!

Cover your sneeze, please. Though once the norm to sneeze into your hand, it is now frowned upon. Please cover your sneeze with a handkerchief or tissue. Neither of those handy? Direct the sneeze into your upper sleeve or bend of your elbow. This simple act will greatly reduce the spread of germs and make for a more desirable handshake!

Go before you blow. There are times when a sneezing attack sneaks up on you and a quick getaway isn’t possible. If that’s the case, turn your head away from others before you sneeze. The best practice, however, is to excuse yourself from present company and take care of your sneeze, or need to blow your nose, in the restroom or an isolated space within the room. It is in very poor taste to blow your nose (no matter how softly you feel you’re doing so) at the dinner table or in shared spaces.

Keep it clean. No matter your level of curiosity, never look at the contents of your used tissue. Don’t reuse a handkerchief or tissue. Soiled handkerchiefs should be stored away until cleaned and used tissues should be discarded immediately. Always be certain to wash your hands once your allergy attack has been resolved and before rejoining your party.

I hope you fare well this allergy season. Just in case, be prepared with a small pack of tissues as you tiptoe through the tulips!