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Pollen Art – Kyle Brooks


The Art of Kyle Brooks – Her socks (and sentiment) match Charm Etiquette!

It wasn’t long before the girls and I began to notice the presence of bear faces, crosses and other pieces of artwork displayed on the trees (or as signs and murals) throughout our East Atlanta neighborhood. Not until we attended a festival in East Atlanta Village last year were we able to connect the artwork with the artist: Kyle Brooks or, perhaps the more familiar, “BlackCatTips”.

We were so excited to know who was behind the creations that we’d enjoyed spotting throughout the community. The girls decided that they wanted one of his bears for their bedroom door. I purchased their favorite, and it’s taken up residence there ever since!

On our drive home one afternoon, we happened to see Kyle installing one of his recent works – The Pie Sign. It was quite whimsical and a bit humorous, as there’s no pie to be found in the direction that the arrow points. Those of us who have come to love Kyle’s neo-folk art appreciate its lightheartedness, nonetheless, and I was excited that the girls were able to see their favorite artist at work.

Having a car hood full of pollen, I rolled down my window and asked Kyle if he might draw the girls a Bear onto it. Though he thought it a funny request, he gladly obliged. Using a leftover Chick-fil-A napkin as his only tool, we soon had our very own BlackCatTips Bear artwork on our car. Briefly. Rains came no less than 30 minutes after its completion!

Pollen Art

Pollen Bear on Hood – Kyle Brooks 2013

Kyle also wrote about and filmed the experience. You can see more of his work here. Many thanks to Kyle Brooks for making pollen fun!