Erika Preval - Simply Put

Stuck in the Middle


There was a time when I loved the middle seat. In fact, I have fond childhood memories of riding there, in the front seat of the latest Lincoln Continental that Granddaddy purchased for Granny. They would position me between them – atop the armrest so that I could get a better view of our surroundings during my summer visits. It was the perfect space. Unfortunately, I’ve outgrown the coziness of sitting in the middle, whether in a car or airplane.

When it comes to air travel, most adults dread being assigned a middle seat. If your boarding pass reflects such an assignment and the row remains full after the forward door has closed, remember these considerations for a more comfortable flight:

Use the restroom before boarding the plane. Hopefully, that will save you from having to do so again before reaching your destination.
You’re allowed use of both armrests. If you’d like to share them, offer the forward or rear portion of the armrests to your neighbors.
Make good use of the overhead compartments to maximize your space. You’re likely 31-34 inches away from the row in front of you and squeezed into a 17-inch seat. Give yourself more legroom by storing your carry-ons overhead.

My fingers are crossed that your requests for a window or aisle seat on your next flight are honored. In case they’re not, I’m sure these tips will improve the scenario of being stuck in the middle.

Safe travels!